Renting a boat or jetski in Lake Havasu: Much like airline tickets, watercraft rental prices are based on several different factors. Time of year plays a big part in determining the price. There are seasons to watercraft rentals; Summer is going to be the most expensive with the winter months offering the best deals. Depending on the season, the day of the week you choose might make a difference. Saturdays typically have the most expensive rates. Length of time is a factor as well; When broken down to an hourly rate, a full day rental (6-8 hours) is going to be more economical than a 1 or 2-hour rental rate. Again though, depending on the season, there may be a minimum time requirement to rent certain equipment that is not in place some other time of year. Now, throw in Holiday pricing and you begin to see the many variables we deal with within the pricing structure.
Every rental business is different so the most efficient way to get a solid quote (in writing) is to look on the website for a quote request form. Every reputable company should be able to offer you a quote in writing.

Our quote request form is located on our website at the bottom of the page under the Quote tab.