There is a good reason for the security/damage deposits that are required. Unlike renting a car there is no insurance that you can buy. Your personal home owner’s insurance will NOT cover damages from or to watercraft rentals. It only takes seconds to cause hundreds of dollars in damages to the watercraft you are renting or to other watercraft on the lake. You are responsible for any and all damages to the watercraft you rent, along with any damages you may cause to other watercraft out on the lake. This includes amounts above and beyond any required deposit.

It’s always best to use a CC for the security deposit because when that charge is voided out at the end of the rental, the pending charge should drop off within 24 hours. When you use a Debit card (if allowed) even though the charge may be voided immediately by the rental company, your bank chooses how long to hold onto those funds, some can hold them up to 30 days.

Here at Rentals on The Beach we do not accept Debit cards for the security/damage deposit, it’s cash or CC only. We do accept all forms of payment for the rental fee and fuel charges including cash, Amex, MC, Visa and Discover.