Meet our team

The Owners

Terry & Lauri

Terry is a 22+ year resident to Lake Havasu City. Originating from Bishop California, he would visit the area as a kid and dream of living in the desert full time. He did just that, working and raising his son, Tanner, in this wonderful community. Lauri, comes from a small town in Minnesota, she spent a fair amount of time raising her family in Washington State before landing in Lake Havasu in 2007. The two were married in 2009. After years stuck in-doors under the iridescent lights of a corporate lifestyle they walked away from it all. He traded in his button-down shirt and tie for a floppy hat and swim trunks, she traded in her 9 to 5 for flip-flops and a tan. They began their new life with the purchase of London Bridge Watercraft Rentals…aka ‘RENTALS’ on the Beach! Terry on equipment and Lauri on phones, most days they are together down at the rental shack living and loving their new sun and sand filled life!



“I just want my customers to be happy when they head out on their adventure and I want the enthusiasm I try to instill in them to last the entire day and beyond….I love making people smile and feel good about their time spent with us.”

~ Tanner

“When I go on vacation I want to have a good time at a fair price but most of all I just want good customer service…I want to feel welcomed and I want to feel like I am more than just a dollar sign to someone. Keeping that in mind…….. When our customers leave my place of business I want them to feel good about the experience they just had, I want them to never doubt that they got what they paid for and I want them to be so pleased that they will tell their family and friends with no hesitation that we are the best rental company in Lake Havasu…that’s my goal every day!”

~ Lauri, Owner/Operator