Our Reviews

My husband and I rented a jet ski today and had a great time! I’ve never rented any watercraft before and was a bit skeptical. I didn’t want to break down or get a tore up looking ski. These jet skis are well taken care of compared to other rentals I’ve seen. I’m picky, and I want the jet ski to look good, clean, and not like a rental. We got what I had hoped for.. We felt that the jet ski was taken care of with proper maintenance/service so we took it all the way down south to three dunes. I think the refundable $500 security deposit is necessary, and hopefully encourages others to be mindful of their surroundings, rocky beaches, and shallow waters. Lauri and Terry were super sweet, welcoming and helpful. If I ever have to rent again, I will come to them. It was very convenient to just check back in and not worry about having to refuel it. They fill, we pay… perfect set up! Thanks for a great day and I will be sure to refer your rentals to friends and family.
~Kris T.

GREAT people & service!! Highly recommended! Family business!
~Muffy Apr. 2 2018

This is the place to rent. The price, customer service, the equipment, definitely 5 stars! It was an overall great experience. We were staying by the London bridge and sure we could’ve done all the multiple rentals because of convenience but we are from Vegas so we know better than to fall for the gimicks. It is always more expensive when you are closest to the attraction . So I did my research and were checking out prices, but reviews on google, yelp, and the pamphlet from the visitor center led us to them. They are located right on the beachfront. Entrance is from the crazy horse campground and you go all the way down to the lake. About a five minute drive from the London Bridge. We decided to rent a jet ski for 2 hours. Refundable deposit fee of 500 for damage and then gas when you come back. So one jetski, after all that it was about 110! There were three of us riding. My daughter and I came back with 45 minutes left because she was cold, so my husband went back out there for the last 45 minutes. They looooooved it. The owners are so nice and very helpful. They gave you a map of the lake, zip bags for your phone, and they even held my keys for safekeeping. The made the process so easy. Very efficient. Definitely coming back. Next time we want to try the kayaks.
~Dee D. Mar. 29 2018

The whole crew is very friendly, they are a wonderful group of people. We visited with them daily while we were there. I highly recommend using them as you rental spot while staying at Havasu!
~ Terri, Sept. 8, 2017

Today was beautiful! Awesome place! Friendly service and just all around nice people. Thank you!  We rented a ski boat and spent the day on the water. The boat was very nice.
~ Sara, Apr. 12, 2017

Awesome customer service! Great prices! They really take care of you! Thanks again for the excellent service! We had a blast today on the pontoon!
~ Chanon, Oct. 12, 2016

I will certainly recommend you , what a fun time for visitors
~Jaymie, Feb. 8, 2017